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What is A.C.E.S.?

Adult Lifestyle
Connoisseurs &

Who are the A.C.E.S.?

     A.C.E.S. are a network of private and exclusively Invited Individuals & Investors   
who discreetly solidify contracts which SECURE functioning Capital for Expansion and Development Projects for Adult Lifestyle Aficionados and Entertainment  Brands.  
     A.C.E.S. is the prospecting and connecting Platform for  BUSINESSES who maximize the use of TeleCommunications and E-Applications in their strategy to Grow their private Echelon Enterprises.         
     The A.C.E.S. are silent partners (Connoisseurs) in Film, Media and Retail Ventures Worldwide who harness their hidden passions and expand their portfolios by joining with Niche Market based  Adult Lifestyle Brands & Businesses. 
     ROI  (return on investment) in an A.C.E.S. affiliated project is guaranteed and backed by a  legal contracting firm and secured and  Insured by a "Master Enterprise" for protection of all investments. A.C.E.-VESTORS

     If you have reached this page by invitation from one of our members, please fill out contact form in order to REQUEST PROSPECTUS OR LIVE PRESENTATION . To find out more information about gaining access to our private servers, database, application and forums.Contact gatekeeper BELOW. 

ACES accepts membership requests once a year from October 25- November 5 

ACES is a membership only entity.

To request Admittance you may email Gatekeeper